Finding a fake ID online is not that difficult. The important thing is to use a trustworthy fake ID vendor. With one, you can get a counterfeit ID card with all the five security features found in your country’s identification.

To use your counterfeit ID, you need to have these safety measures. So you need to choose a fake ID website that can provide you with these safety measures like IDGOD.PH to make it look authentic.

Now, you may wonder how it is possible to make a phony ID. As a fake ID provider, they use the latest advanced technology to make it possible, as you will see here today. Lucky for you, there is no need to meet someone in a shady place like in the old days.

You can now order your fake ID online to have it delivered to an address you provide without the need to leave your home.

Buying Your ID Online Is Simple

You need to open up the website and provide your picture and details. There is no need to stress as everything you provide is done in an encoded space to remain anonymous. You will then transfer your money from a place like PayPal or Bitcoin. Then your ID is made and shipped to you.

What The Fake ID Vendor Needs to Make Your Card

A reliable vendor will need a few things to make your phony ID with all the safety measures. These include the following equipment:

A High-Quality Printer

This is the first piece of equipment the government needs to make a good card. It is not just any printer you find at home (if you are thinking of making one at home.) The printer is a PVC ID card printer that most governments use, but a fake ID designer will use different types of printers.

The designing team used a dual-sided card printer as you can print on both sides of the card. The great thing is that the machine automatically flips the card and allows the printing of more information on the card.

Next, a lamination machine protects your fake ID against wear and tear. While it is expensive, it is an essential piece of equipment the fake ID designer needs. Finally, another crucial piece of equipment is the holographic and UV ID card printer. Each state has different holograms visible to a UV light.

Using PVC Card

The bend test is the first thing a bouncer will do. Therefore, using the right paper is essential. Most ID cards are made with magnetic stripe cards and are easily purchased online.

Hologram Images

Now for any fake ID manufacturer, the hologram is the most challenging part to copy. The reason is that your ID comes with a master hologram, and your counterfeit needs blending with precision. A trustworthy vendor uses two types a double-layered and a three-layered one.

Each state has a unique multi-color and multi-level effect in the hologram and consists of two flat graphic levels floating above or at the card surface. The image is only visible when you move your card in light.

But there is now a newer hologram named Kinegram that you can find available in Massachusetts licenses. It is a 2D metalized hologram changing colors and is impossible to fake.

The Importance of The Font/Typeface

Many a bouncer and cops can catch people using a fake when it comes to the font. You need a perfect replica of the typeface from the magnetic strip, hologram, and UV image. Each state’s font varies from one to another.

Fake ID Scannable

Yes, your fake also needs to be scannable with a magnetic barcode. Before your fake ID is shipped to you, it needs to pass the magnetic stripe card reader test. The information is made up of particles on the strip, and once it aligns, it shows the encoded information. The manufacturer needs that encoder to make your ID authentic to encode that data.

Putting Your Fake ID Together

The last step is overlaminate layering with all of the above to make your fake ID card scannable. The layer protects your card and is an added security feature to prevent tampering. Then your card is placed in a parcel with clothes or books to deliver to you. Another important thing worth mentioning again is the substance used to make your ID.

When you choose IDGOD.PH uses a Polycarbonate or a Teslin stock card.

Polycarbonate Stock Card

Most ID cards are made using polycarbonate and not Teslin, as it is one of the most robust materials available. Each sheet provides different purposes as there is a front and back one for security. There is also a sheet that devices can detect using optical sensors.

Some ID cards even have chips in as added security measures. So, to print on this cardstock you need a high level of skill as it needs to show your information without any obstructions. The card neither needs added adhesives to build the layers as it fuses after applying pressure and heat.

The Use of Teslin

Teslin has a flexible surface to print information using different printing options. You can use it with a dye-based inkjet printer or a laser printer. For production costs using Teslin is more affordable. You can still find some states using this cardstock to make ID cards. It also has a unique font type and is also laminated with embossing text and holographic lamination. Neither is suitable for a fake ID scannable card with a barcode.

As you can see, the best cardstock is polycarbonate and that is what IDGOD has to offer you, but it also depends on the state you live in if Teslin is still in use.

Exciting Facts About Fake ID Cards

Think about this while you wait for your fake to arrive. For example, a freshman is standing at a club waiting in line as it is a weekend and busy. There are two sticklers checking ID cards and told to speed it up. The freshman is trying to look confident, but he is very uncomfortable with the jacket.

Finally, his turn arrives, and he hands his card over and smiles. The stickler looks suspicious, but it turns out okay when he places the card in the scanner. So, the underaged freshman passes through. A fact is that most students by their second semester have a fake ID card.

Still, you might not have known about fake ID cards other things:

Most Sting Operations Are Not Successful

Most sting operations get busted before they even start, as the bartender or bouncer knows they need to ask for proof of identification. Yes, even if a patron looks the age. Hence, the sting starts as soon as you hand over the ID.

Getting a Fake ID is Not Expensive

Yes, many people believe buying a counterfeit ID is expensive. The truth is you can find one starting at $50 up to $100. The starting cost for a designer is around $2000 and is made up with the cost-effective buying price.

A Fake ID Maker Includes All Safety Features

Okay, this also depends on the fake ID vendor you and if they are trustworthy, not handing over a novelty card. But most manufacturers will hand over a fake ID card that is scannable.

Scan Your Card Until You Fake It

You have seen how many people advertise that a specific barcode reader can show if your ID card is fake. Not valid, as some of the high-quality scanners can miss a phony ID card.

You Can Get Into Major Legal Trouble

If caught, you can face a hefty fine or even jail time. Still, it depends on the state you live in, as each has laws related to underage drinking. You may even get away with a warning if you are lucky and your card confiscated.

Wrapping it Up

When you choose a fake ID provider, the important thing is to ensure that you receive a fake that looks authentic with all the security features in place. With the facts provided, getting one is easy and affordable. But the important thing is to use it responsibly. While using your fake ID is an instant thrill at 18 and drinking while fooling authorities, never drive while you are drunk.